Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stage Is Set

I am close to the end of phase one for this work, "My Father Was In Shanghai, 1937." Exploring my father's time in war torn Shanghai in 1937, I am as excited about this piece as anything I have ever worked on.

Who knows what I will see as I look into this world, and behold the reflection.

I can feel his courage.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It is proving nearly impossible to capture a suitable photo of a painting in my studio these days. I don't have the room to set up the tungsten lights and compose a decent shot. That has stopped me from posting new work. I can't let that stop me any longer. Above is a detail of one of my earliest completed works in collaberation with Dr. Ju. The working title is "Codes of Destiny." This image is taken with available light, using my least capable camera.

Reaching Into The Corners

There has been a whole lot of creative activity going on, weaving the intercultural pursuits of two artists, reaching into the corners and holding fast the result, if only for a moment.