Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twilight Of The Analog Age

My old desk at Pacific Northwest Bell, circa early/mid 1980's, some three stories down below street level, at rock bottom where a television studio should be.  Here I worked in the audio video engineering department, tracking cabling and connections, and continually updating the drawings.  On occasion, I also did graphic art production.  You can see my handiwork laying on its side under the drawing board, a map-tack map of Seattle.  I see the traces of tools and supplies from a bygone era, such as lead holders, lead pointers, non-photo blue pencils, Mylar, straight edges, and T squares.  I labored here on and off for three years, all the while listening to endless iterations of audio video editing in the background.  I had a strong tolerance for that.  

I was fortunate to get this work.

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